Adventurebods is back!

Hi Guys – You may have noticed that over the last couple of years my activity on Social Media has become very occasional if not almost absent, Anyway thats going to change now – I have finally finished rebuilding and would really appreciate if all you guys come over and help give it a nudge getting started.

All are welcome, check out the blog posts, upcoming events in the locations / regions you are interested in and keep an eye open for the forthcoming special offers. The Members Zone, a social networking (BuddyPress for those in the know) system is built, and hopefully with your patronage will grow rapidly

If you are a travel blogger or a business with a commercial interest in the tourist industry you can post articles, and link back to your blog posts or websites.

And let’s not forget the Adventurers. You are really wanted. We are itching to hear about your travel and adventuring experiences. Please come on over today and look around, browse destinations or activities, and preferably join us. You can join very simply using your social logins.

Only as a Member can you interact in the Members Zone, post social comments and updates, forum topics and replies, upload images or entire galleries, and of course you can share stuff etc (Facebook style) but if you are a blogger, or if you are an industry service provider you will be given authors rights, at least if you wish to contribute blog posts. But I need to be aware of your interest so get in the forum and request it. If you are a casual adventurer or a user that doesn’t fall into those categories (a real adventurer) – you will also be able to get authorship as soon as it is clear you have a genuine interest in Adventure Travel. Hopefully then this means spam should stay low.

So once again welcome – please join us and either register using your email or just by logging in with your social login.

Enter Site!

All the best,