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Ringo Adventure Safaris trading as Ringo Safaris Kenya is a Kenyan safari company run and managed by native Kenyans. The company has its offices in Diani Beach at the Kenyan coast. With our Vast experience and knowledge in Travel and Safari business of over 10 years, we have managed to serve our customers perfectly in all aspects. We always guarantee individual attention to all our customers at all times to ensure their holiday safari is a dream come true.
When one thinks of a safari, one thinks of Africa, specifically east Africa. Images of wildlife, the sun, endless golden terrain, exotic flora and fauna, tropical sandy beaches, strong smiling people with mystical lifestyles and traditions all come to mind. The beauty of the bush and excitement of a safari are what makes an African safari such a magical experience. Our safaris are done using the custom built safari mini vans and the 4×4 jeeps. We do pull in safaris and private safaris to fit ones needs and budget.
We have a team of dedicated professionals who love their job and want to ensure that each person who travels with us will experience the beauty of the place as our personal guest and not a TOURIST. We pride ourselves in our personalized service to all our esteemed customers. Our company philosophy is one of quality of service and personal attention to each and every client.
We take great pride in providing only the very best accommodations for our guests, using only the best lodges, hotels and camps. Over the past many years we have built strong relationships with all the leading hotels and lodges and enjoy a favored client status.
We strongly believe that the success of every safari largely depends on your driver/guide. The driver/guide is responsible for the success of the safari and the well being of the clients while in his hands. We take great care when selecting our drivers/guides. They are fully trained in all aspects of wildlife identification and behavior, general tourism studies and maintenance of vehicles. We promise a personalized touch of service from the start to the end of your safari.
Stay with us and enjoy our fascinating and touching experience in the world of wild animals, flora and fauna that Kenya and Tanzania National parks and Game Reserves has to offer, not forgetting the white sandy beaches for your unforgettable refreshing after your bush safari.
We welcome you to take this wonderful experience with you and share it with your friends back home.
Safety and delight is our number 1 priority.

Migration Trails

#MigrationUpdateOur guide William Wahome at #SerenaMara sighted the first herds of zebras from Loita plains survey Mara River in search of a suitable crossing point into Mara Triangle. The arrival of zebra indicates the start of the migration. We expect herds of wildebeests to start crossing into mara Triangle in two days time and we will bring you all the updates!

Posted by Serena Hotels on Tuesday, 24 July 2018


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