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Kayaking in Misool

Misool – where? One of the main islands of the Raja Ampat Island group in West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), Indonesia. One thing that is not in question is how much of a paradise on earth this place is. And talk about exclusive, with a maximum capacity of 40 guests, you couldn’t find a more tranquil and pristine tropical island adventure. This place will really give you escape!

Harry Juselius put up a more personal vid that’s worth a look to get you in the mood:

So, if you are looking for off the beaten track, at Misool you will be 165km from the nearest port, and 20Km from the nearest village.

I came to know of Misool by a contact at the Canoe, Kayak or Raft – Adventurebods Facebook Group. Nicklas Millegård put up a post there about Kayaking at Misool and I was immediately captured. Niklas and his team are offering experiences of 13 or 20-day kayaking experiences based around a philosophy of comfortable exploration. The paddling is over short distances and the area is calm.

The current deals are starting from 2400 euro / 2850 USD and in which you will discover a karst archipelago, amazing cliff formations, caves, rock paintings, jellyfish lakes, white beaches and hidden lagoons. This is nature at its most pristine.

This is a proper adventure, forget the comforts of hotels, you will be on sleeping pads with a pillow, with a silk sheet and a thin fleece blanket (if the night is chillier). Under tropic mesh tents with a tarp as rain cover.

You are going to be feasting on quality freeze dried food from Lyofood, berry and fruit powders mixed with water. Niklas or another member of the team will buy as much fish from the local fishermen as possible, this will be tuna, grouper and occasionally lobster. Don’t worry though there is still instant coffee, and as much fruit as you can eat.

So, if you fancy a never to forget adventure in a Whisky 16 Tourer with a rudder and high-quality paddles. Consider West Papua, consider Misool and consider Millekul Adventures

Misool is the definition of  tranquility
Misool is the definition of tranquility.

What about if Diving is your thing– the Misool Eco-Resort is a great choice. The dive Centre is, built on stilts overlooking the turquoise water and offering 3 guided boat dives per day, as well dusk and night dives. It might not be for everybody though. Misool’s extremely remote location and distance from a recompression chamber, means conservative diving. Safety is the priority; no deco diving, no solo dives, and no dives deeper than 30 meters.

Misool Eco Resort Dive Centre
Misool Eco Resort Dive Centre: The 50 sq. meter wet area is equipped with a massive work station, perfect for setting up cameras, charging torches, etc

The island is about sustainable tourism and community-based conservation,
“Misool represents one of the most pristine reef systems left on earth — one of only a handful of places in the universe where biodiversity is improving rather than declining.” as quoted on the Misool Foundation website by Dr. Mark Erdmann

Is the area safe?

On Papua in general the British FCO are cautious but things are better more specifically in West Papua currently saying:
“The situation in West Papua province is calmer although there remains the possibility of unrest. Monitor the situation and be alert to changing circumstances.”

To get there you will need to go to Sarong, you can fly in with Garuda Indonesia from Jakarta, but you are going to need to book at the resort don’t just expect to turn up on spec. 40 Guests is not a lot.

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