Add Posts to the main platform.

Everyone can get their posts onto the front page. Contributors and Authors can craft something, and Users can just shout out whatever they want,  …..within reason!

Contributors and Authors

Contributors could be would-be authors, looking to get accepted as an author, or they might simply have less concern about the post style and merely want to promote their own sites or businesses, using Adventurebods as a means of staging backlinks and whose posts may not quite stand up as suitable for an author’s account. All our members can post as a contributor on Adventurebods unless they have been barred from posting, but their posts will be initially held pending review before they become active.

Author accounts confer additional benefits and impact. But the posts must have a high standard, respect best practices and be generally consistent with current SEO guidelines.

If you are a blogger, a travel service provider or even just an adventurer who writes reasonably well, either type may work for you. You can at least become a contributor and get your backlinks out there, with your posts on the front page of the Adventurebods site.

In either case, you need to request to “Join us as a contributor or author”, this is because a change of account type required. On that page you will find the most up to date info and advice on doing this.

If you are already a contributor or author on Adventurebods jump right in: go to regular posts here, or post your offers here.


Users too can get on the front page, if all you want to do is casually post something about your latest adventure, there is the activity stream in your personal profile, where you can rant and rave or upload media, visible to all members and providing you with the social interaction your adventures deserve.

Providing you have logged in, you will find your activity stream by hovering over your account name at the right of the black toolbar at the top of the page.