Do you like Pinterest?
So do we.
We have over 10,300 followers and 200 boards, as of  Dec 2014. A great place to roam if you’re an avid traveler or landscape lover, a useful place to be if you are in the travel or outdoor activities industry.Why useful to the industry?
Simply because a lot of people are looking at the boards there and many of them are following links through to our own site or those of our Pinterest members. You could also repin from your boards onto ours so that visitors will be navigating across to your Pinterest boards from ours. And we have a lot of eyes on us there now.
What you see below is a glimpse of what you will find on the French board, so why not just join us and pin your favourite images on to one or more of our group boards.


As an example of what you can expect here are the most recent pins from the Adventurebods – France board.


All Adventurebods boards are group boards, but of course to pin on our boards you will need to join Pinterest if you are not already a member, after-which you will need to tell us which boards are of interest to you. We will send you an invite and as soon as you accept you can pin on them.

Pinterest members can request an invite for any of the boards on our Pinterest notices board or if you prefer you can use the form link below.

Using the form; simply give us your Pinterest account URL and the name of the boards that you want to join.   Don’t forget the board names you want to use; whether you request the invite on the notice board or in the form!

Lastly before you request an invite

Please Note:
You must be following an Adventurebods board for us to be able to send you an invite, the system does not allow it otherwise. 

Hope to see you soon.
You can click on the image below to jump to the Pinterest site.


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