You want adventure? – Just do it!

Editor’s note: Clayton and Jessica describe
themselves as an average couple that like to adventure. Not so
average I say. Clayton is about to tell you he has quit his job
as a fire fighter to follow the dream. Well rock on son, the
average person just hasn’t got the balls.
Andy Seabrook.

curated from:
Holy cow! I quit my job
by Clayton. Which appeared first
on The Big
Travel Theory

Am I crazy? I’m quitting my job and taking off on an
adventure to travel the world and do things I’ve never
done before. This has got to mean I’m off my rocker and
need some help. Well…. no, maybe I’m not so
crazy. Oh wait, it’s still crazy that I’m leaving
a very good, stable job with insurance to go gallivanting. I
really hope my wife is alright with all of this too because
she’s going with me, or at least getting dragged along
with me.

We have spent the entire last year working and preparing
for this trip and now that we are getting down to the final
days, it’s crunch time. All the saving, website
building, and getting rid of junk has been quite an adventure
in itself. You don’t actually realize how much stuff
you have until you force yourself to get rid of it all.

The hiking back pack I’m
using, An Osprey Aether 70. Photo credit: thebigtraveltheory

The hiking back pack she’s
using. A Gregory Baltoro 75Photo credit: thebigtraveltheory



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