Why Summerfest Isn’t Your Typical Music Festival

By Steph

Do you know about Summerfest, Milwaukee’s annual summer concert? I didn’t even though it is apparently the largest music festival in the entire world (according to the Guinness Book of World Records. When Visit Milwaukee invited to me attend I was of course psyched, but mostly just because I wanted to see Tom Petty (I love my classic rock).

Then I actually experienced Summerfest, first with a behind the scenes tour and then with a long afternoon and evening wandering the fair grounds. It was surprisingly amazing! Loud and crowded shows are not usually my thing, but Summerfest was not your typical music festival, and here is why:

It’s Enormous


As you might have guessed from it’s aforementioned world record, Summerfest is a very, very large festival. Spread out over 11 days, this year’s festival featured over 700 bands and attracted just shy of one million visitors!

Because it’s such a major event, Summerfest has it’s own show grounds, the Henry Maier Festival Park. The park holds other events throughout the year but it was built specifically to accommodate Summerfest. It has 11 stages ranging from tiny to very very large (the biggest seats 23,000 people!).

How big are the concert grounds? Big enough that you can take a chair lift from one end of the park to the other (the view alone is totally worth the $4).

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