Travel Disasters: Losing BOTH Our Passports In One Of The Worlds Biggest Cities!

By Stephanie Walsh

losing your passport while traveling

For travelers, there are few things that incite fear into the heart more than the thought of losing your passport. That beautiful little book is our gateway to the world and our only identity when abroad. Full of visas, stamps and memories, it allows us to continue our travels and reminds us of how far we’ve come.

So when that fear becomes a reality, it leaves you feeling overwhelmed, scared, heartbroken and furious.

A Tale of Two Cities

We were in Mexico City, one of the worlds biggest, and had been enjoying our time here for a month already. Mexico City is a fascinating place, buzzing with life, but it is also overwhelmingly massive! Ana, our Mexican friend invited us to San Miguel de Allende for the weekend, to visit her cousin. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to visit this gorgeous colorful city and see another part of Mexico.

After spending a lovely few days exploring the narrow streets of San Miguel, celebrating birthdays and playing with our …continue reading…

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