The road to Fatehpur Sikri and beyond!

Editors Note: Craig and John continue their exploration of India and Uttar Pradesh at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fatehpur Sikri before heading into Rajasthan. But will their choice of driver be help or hinderance?

Andy Seabrook.

curated from: Rajasthan Road Trip: Fatehpur Sikri by Craig Hickson

Jugar van loaded with men – Rajasthan…Photo credit: Flashpacking Travel Blog

Rajasthan Road Trip – Day Two of our Two Week Driving Itinerary

We awoke refreshed and exhilarated after our one night stop and driving tour of Agra. The second day started with something of a storm. Not the weather but a man made one created by John.  The evening before our driver told us that the driver dormitory at the hotel (lots of hotels will provide food and lodging for the drivers, plus a healthy commission, if they steer customers their way) ‘smelled bad’ and he would not be sleeping there.  As it was so late there was little we could do, and he informed us he would be paying for accommodation out of his own pocket, we were a little sceptical  but still felt bad, so gave him a bottle of whisky from the temporary bar we’d set-up in the boot of the car before leaving Delhi and said we’d discuss it with him in the morning.  As far as we were concerned the hotel was good value, especially as we’d negotiated a good room rate on our arrival, after threatening to look elsewhere.

Villagers in Abhaneri – Rajasthan…Photo credit: Flashpacking Travel Blog



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