The Last Bus to Rasnov

Editors Note: The last bus to Rasnov perhaps it wasn’t but as with many public transport hops in unfamiliar territory Sarah’s tale of her journey to Rasnov has that feel of destiny about it. There seems to be some inescapable questions that haunt you whilst on these journey’s; Are we on the right bus? Why are we in the middle of nowhere? We have obviously got on the wrong bus, is there one going back tonight? Why are we back where we started? Who knows where we are, but does it really matter?

Andy Seabrook.

curated from: The Road to Rasnov by Sarah Clarke

The moment I purchased a ticket and found a seat, the bus broke down. The seven other passengers looked more bored than annoyed and I got the feeling that this is was a regular occurrence. The driver looked at us and smiled confidently, “no problem” he said, getting down from his seat. Five minutes later, wiping the grease off his hands, he started the engine effortlessly and we were on our way to Rasnov.

The edge of the town with the fortress way up the hill in the distance….Photo credit: Wake Up Mona

If there were actual bus stops, I didn’t know it. The bus appeared to stop in the most obscure places and people seemed to be getting on and off wherever they pleased. Fifteen minutes later the Rasnov hollywood sign came into sight, the fortress gleaming behind it.

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