Tasting Vietnam – a post from Mui ne.

Editor’s note: I first read one of Jodi’s
articles: This
Legal Nomad is off to Vietnam
 a couple of days
back, and was immediately excited by the way she writes
and the subject matter; then talking about forthcoming
plans. Future articles would almost certainly have a
fit for any site focusing on travel. But more than
this, the intent of Adventurebods is about inspiring people
to experience, about being there, about grasping adventure.
Well she has now brought her intent to the boil
with Sunsets
and Soup in Mui Ne, Vietnam
. Jodi is in Vietnam and she
is cooking baby!
Andy Seabrook.

I ate one of the best soups of my life in Mui Ne. I
have absolutely no photographic proof of its existence, but
I will never forget the soup’s perfectly balanced
taste. Rich pork and beef broth. Chunks of tender
meat perched atop a nest of fresh rice noodles. While the
noodles soaked up the liquid, a mountain of herbs
added new tastes. Freshly-squeezed lime provided a subtle
but perfect punch to the flavourful broth, cut off by the
urgency of the chili oil that followed. My tastebuds led me
back to this tiny soup stand several times during my
6-night stay on the beach, but every time I thought to
photograph my meal, it was too late. I had already polished
off the bowl.

Mui Ne Vietnam Beach

Palm trees overlooking the windy beaches of Mui Ne. Not
featured: soup stand. Photo credit: Jodi Ettenberg

Seafood soup Mui Ne Vietnam

An unusual Christmas lunch of seafood soup and fresh
coconut. NOT the soup from the soup stand, which remains
etched in my mind but not my memory card! Photo credit: Jodi Ettenberg



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