The Tastiest Things to See in Rome

By Clayton Collins

mini tiramisu in a chocolate cup

In the heart of Rome lies the area of Testaccio, a working class neighborhood and foodie haven, that’s filled with some of the best noms you will find in Italy. It was here that we had our first ever food tour. Having never been on a food tour before, we were eager to begin tasting…I mean learning. We met up with our group and guide, John, and headed off for our first tasting. We started the day the way most Italians do, with a cornetti. Smaller and less sweet than a croissant, the cornetti is paired with a cappuccino for a typical breakfast. Our cornetti was paired with a bite sized tiramisu in an edible chocolate cup. As soon as I had my first tasting, I fell in love with food tours as it was the tastiest things to see in Rome.

A bite sized tiramisu in an edible chocolate cup.

Next up was Volpetti, a gourmet food shop, which is now probably my favorite place in Rome. We tasted prosciutto, salami, parmesan reggiano, and the holy grail of cheeses “Pecorino al tartufo” (pecorino truffle cheese) The most heavenly cheese I have ever tasted. Usually …continue reading…

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