Singapore on a Budget

By Craig Hickson


Singapore is a large city with many high-end accmmodation and restaurant choices, but there is also plenty to offer the budget traveller.  It is safe and the cleanliness standards are very high and therefore remains one the most popular tourist destinations where you can still be very comfortable on a budget.

It is also easy to make flight connections as there are many flights into Singapore. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a group, there are plenty of activities you can partake in that wont break the bank and many are free.

1. Clean water is safe and free. Most people who travel in Southeast Asia are used to buying bottled water and know that it ends up costing a lot. However, in Singapore, there are water coolers placed in most public areas that dispense free filtered water, and regular tap water is safe as well.

2. If you plan using public transport, when you arrive purchase an EZ-LINK card. Public transportation is excellent, and it will be worth it in the end as you don’t have to pay each time, which adds up to greater savings, and you can avoid waiting in the lines. It can be used on MRT and LRT trains and public buses. Walking is also a great option as it is safe day or night.

3. Eat in hawker stalls, food halls and food courts. Restaurants can be very expensive, and it is not necessary to eat in them as the quality of food and hygiene is excellent in hawker stalls unlike in some other Asian countries.

4. There are more malls in Singapore than you would ever have time for, but it is generally very costly to shop in them. Instead, shop in …continue reading…

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