Shark Fin Soup Anyone? – part 2

Part 2 – How great the threat?

This article is the second part of a series of articles that looks briefly at one aspect of the host of threats facing our world and the attempts of conservationists to hold back disaster. In this case its shark-finning, a huge industry providing for the avaricious vanity of human beings. Ecotourism is often heralded as a way to make more valuable the preservation of our natural resources, to validate the effort and costs of preservation and to discourage exploitation, but can it help the sharks?

So how great is the pressure on the shark population? A recent video produced by Jonathan Ali Khan helps give us some insight into the problem with a primarily regional context. He runs a TV production company focussed on the natural World in the Arab arena. This film is not short but it is eye opening – not such a catchy title though: SCAW2012 SQA PROMO VIDEO


Jonathan Ali Khan, JAK is MD and founder of Wild Planet Productions (as well as cameraman – topside & underwater specialist, editor, writer, producer, director, voice-over talent, designer & photographer). WPP is the MENA region’s only dedicated natural history TV production company.

Fin by Alex Hofford, is another film that won an award in the “I Shot Hong Kong” film festival in 2009.

It is about shark-finning generally undertaken in poorer developing nations so that the growing body of middle-class consumers in Hong Kong and China can consume shark fin soup.The film explains why sharks are necessary for the well being of marine ecosystems and it also shows the difficulties for anybody trying to open the eyes of shopkeepers selling shark fin.

Dry land locations in the film include Mozambique, Yemen, and Hong Kong with underwater filming in  Indonesia and Fiji.

In the series – Shark Fin Soup Anyone?

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Part 2 – How great the threat?

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Part 4 – Coming soon.

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