Revisiting Israel: my first trip of 2013

Editor’s note: Adam Groffman has without doubt caught
the travel bug. In 2009 he quit his Graphic Design job in
Boston, Massachusetts and took off on an around the world trip.
You might say he’s still on it! Either way the start of 2013
has seen him revisit The Holy Land but this time he has a
little business in mind. For now he’s in Israel but he’s
determined to follow the road ahead.
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Israel: my first trip of 2013
by Adam Groffman. Which
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After spending New
Year’s Eve in Berlin
, I’m now in Israel – my first trip of
2013! I’m determined to travel more this year than the last.
And for me: half the fun of travel is visiting places and
people I already know. It’s been nearly two years since I last
visited Israel, and over 2.5 years since I was living
(briefly) in Tel Aviv

It’s nice to be somewhere familiar, but still strange.

Tel Aviv street art

Tel Aviv street art. Photo credit:
Adam Groffman

Israel has always fascinated me as a county. Based on my
travel destinations the past few years, you’d probably assume
I have an extreme interest in countries with conflicted
pasts. Israel, without a doubt, is a country with a unique
and interesting history dating back farther than I can



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