Postcards from the hills: Grenada.

You might not have considered Grenada if the thing you really get off on is hiking, but you might want to think again. Some recent Google+ activity made me take a look around; recent tweets, and blog posts add to the testimonial. Trails follow lake shores and some are rugged and wild. There is a diverse world of flora and fauna that you will experience and if you ascend to higher ground, some great seascapes.  There were 5 trails mentioned at Grenada Tourism Authority website at the time of writing. Obviously not an exhaustive source!

Spanish Highes talk about ascending Trevenque in the Cumbres Verdes and Goats on the Road Janice and Nick take on a hike To The 7 Sisters Waterfall its a great read but they also made this wicked video

Petite Anse hotel and restaurant mention another trail, they are located on the north coast of Grenada and they had this to say earlier in the month

“Hike the Grand Etang National Park

If you have the energy and the stamina, then you may want to take a hike through the central zone of Grenada. It’s where you’ll witness the rainforest climate zone and may even track down some of the island’s Mona monkeys.

This majestic reservation can be seen from afar, but looks even more spectacular up close. Hiking through the elevations of the rainforest can be rather tiring and strenuous, so it’s not so advisable for youngsters, the unfit and those who are uncomfortable with heights. The peak of Mt Qua Qua rises to 2,370 feet (720 m) and will become more challenging as you climb.”





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