Petr Kraus – still able to draw attention.

Trials Biking Cappadocia Ride – Petr Kraus Aug 2012

Cappadocia August 2012

Cappadocia and a breathtaking biking performance. Something of a legend Petr Kraus has won the trialbiking world championship title three times and he was the youngest rider to do so when he took the title in 1994 at the age of eighteen, according to Amah-Rose Abrams. He is 36 years old now.

He has been with Red Bull since 1996, and gone along way from hometown Hradec Králové.

“Mountain bike trials, also known as observed trials, is a discipline of mountain biking in which the rider attempts to pass through an obstacle course without setting foot to ground” Wikipedia.

During his 10-day adventure Kraus, nicknamed Krauzíno, took on the challenging terrain of Cappadocia, Turkey, where the landscape is primarily high plateau over 1000 m in altitude, broken by volcanic peaks, and just for the hell of it the guys at red bull put this video together to document it.

Trials biking in Guatemala with Petr Kraus

Guatamala February 2012

Another recent video of Kraus, for some a little tame, shows him returning to Guatemala. One of the spots was the Pacaya volcano, which has been erupting continuously since 1965. Much of its activity consists of the ejection of incandescent cinder, lapilli and lava bombs, sent potentially hundreds of meters into the air, but occasional ejection of large amount of pumice occurs with very powerful gas blast eruptions, know to shower the nearby Departments with ash. – For Kraus a totally new experience,

“It’s amazing. Going down the soft, hot ash field feels like snowboarding in winter.” Alex Hazle.

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