Obviously there is more than one opinion about the WWL!

As to whether or not you think the WWL is a circus or not frankly I don’t care. I am one of the masses and until the last few weeks I had never even heard of proximity flying and didn’t really know what a wingsuit was; although I had seen them without it really registering.

For me the idea of the WWL is great because it gives me a focus on a sport that is somewhere beyond, the sometimes raw and often unnecessary commentary that undermines the culture of wingsuit people, and it has opened my mind to the prospect of jumping off of something!

For now all I want to do is watch these new heroes of mine take to the skies or perhaps a more appropriately description would be to take to the mountain side.

So here are a couple more videos. Enjoy!


And another for those who like Opera: Jokke Sommer and Robert Pecnik above Chamonix

Both of these videos came to my attention courtesy of Halvor Angvik

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