Lesser Known Escapes – Chao Samran Beach Phetchaburi Thailand

I have never been one for sitting on a beach. I need something more stimulating. However if for instance I was in Bangkok and wanting to get away from the oppressive city, I would not need to go so far afield. Of course Pattaya is only a bus ride off but again for me it’s just not the right place, primarily because it is full of westerners. I am one of those people that when motivated to travel across the world wants a more authentic cultural experience. Kohn Kaen retirement recently penned the following article.

Chao Samran Beach Phetchaburi Thailand

When I was looking for a beach to go metal detecting, I came across a beach that I had never heard of before – Chao Samran Beach. Most web sites had it listed as Haad Chao Samran or Haad Jao Samran or spelled Haad (Beach) as Hat, Haat, or Had and Chao Samran Beach as Chaosamran, Jaosamran, or Jao…
boat csamran

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