Jeju City’s Red Elephants, Black Pigs, Sea Urchin Soup and MasterChef.

South Korea has to be worth going to for the food alone. I never made it to Jeju Island on my last trip there but these recent posts on Google caught my eye, and I thought they might give you some ideas should you find yourself in Jeju City or elsewhere on the island.

Jason Kim  has no trouble confidently recommending the handmade Donkaas (breaded pork cutlet) at the Red Elephant restaurant in Jeju City as among the best he has tasted, adding that the sauce is great too. So you might do worse than grab a bite there. Find more info about the dish and the Red Elephants details, including a map on the MyKoreanEats link in the Google embed.

Samantha Han says:

“If you are visiting Jeju Island in South Korea, Jeju Black Pig or Jeju Black for short is a “must eat”. We were here for a few days and could not visit Jeju but we had the opportunity to taste Jeju Black right here in Seoul at Tom Donnie Jeju Grill restaurant.”

I should say also she has a great blog for foodies, but this article should carry a warning, as once you see her pictures you just wont want to go anywhere else.

Che-Cheh is getting to taste Jeju’s Abalone porridge and Sea Urchin soup. Seriously mouth watering photos in her blog page; I really must go back to South Korea soon.

“Besides sampling the fame Heuk dwaeji 흑돼지 (black pig) meat which is a specialty in Jeju Island (Jeju-do), I get to try two more of Jeju’s famous food after visiting Seongsan Ilchulbong on day 3 in Seongsan town. Picking this restaurant for our morning breakfast was as an eeny, meeny, miny, moe thingy as we didn’t have a list of restaurant to try in Jeju. I just simply picked a restaurant which serve the 2 foods I wanted to eat which is abalone porridge and sea urchin soup”

Our Morning Breakfast @ Han Seong Restaurant, Jeju-do, South Korea

Breakfast @ Han Seong Restaurant, Jeju-do

Read Che-Cheh’s review of Han Seong at Seongsan town.


Jennie Hahn comments on the rapidly improving cuisine on the island and the restaurant opened by South Korea’s first MasterChef winner;  Kim Seungmin.

“I look around and I see vast improvements in terms of literally having your cake and eating it! There are now affordable authentic Indian, Thai (a little iffy here), and Vietnamese (even though it’s a chain) restaurants that offer bona fide international flavors for insatiable palates”

 MasterChef Korea winner and Jeju resident Kim Seungmin at work in the kitchen. Photo by Jenie Hahn

MasterChef Korea winner and Jeju resident Kim Seungmin at work in the kitchen. Photo by Jenie Hahn

Make sure to catch the full article Jenie Hahn  wrote Culinary wasteland becoming a culinary ‘richland’

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