Iran is coming in out of the cold!

Iran is coming in out of the cold, at least in terms of travel opportunities; a recent post on Facebook got me thinking about it as a destination. That post was talking about the Sabalan Mountains (Savalan) near Ardabil. Of course just one place out of thousands that might be interesting, and that could make a base for skiing, hiking or mountaineering, but endorsed by Zoroaster no less, said to have meditated here for some years; perhaps he wasn’t into the adrenaline thing.

Mount Damavand or Alum Kuh in Mazandaran in the Alborz range are obvious alternatives. Also offering the activities mentioned above, along with healthy doses of thermal springs, wildlife, and Zoroastrian mythology.

If you are looking for a tour company operating in any of Sabalan or Damavand you might try Alborz Trekking Tours or Mount Damavand Guides Iran. A recent new member on my Adventure Travel Facebook Group, Essy Farahani, posted for Lets Visit Iran and that opened my mind to the possibilities.

Iran is a big country, Tom Allen was blogging about peddling around it, at the end of last year. However, as adventure goes, Marc Maurer a 34 year old German guy from Cologne, undertook a serious 5,600km journey starting in Istanbul, and culminating in Tehran, titling his blog post A journey beyond.

Marc exclaims: “Traveling really opens your mind and connects people from different nations.”

Luckily for us he also produced a really cool video.


kandovan cave houses iran

With a complete change of pace Nate Robert back in May blogged about, and remarkably photographed Kandovan. A cave village in Osku County, East Azerbaijan Province.

Immediately you can’t help but think of Cappadocia. Iranians call these dwellings “Karaan”; burrowed into the Lahars (volcanic mudflow or debris flow) of Mount Sahand. Kandovan is a fascinating place and well worth a visit particularly if you are already in Tabriz. A hotel in the village that might work for you is Laleh International



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