How Mexico City Proved Me Wrong

By debndave

Jewelry hawkers tried to drape silver necklaces on my mother. They pushed overpriced woven blankets and fake Mayan replicas on my grandmother. I played with other sunburned American kids in the blue water. It stung my eyes so hard I cried.When I was four years old my family took a cruise to Cancun. Cue the cliches.

For 25 years, Mexico was just a touristy party land to me. It was a place to go on spring break or after graduating college. Frankly, I didn’t take it seriously.

The base of the famous Angel of Independence statue in Mexico City. For too many years, I never considered traveling to Mexico. That was dumb.

That changed in the late 2000s. Suddenly there was a growing number of beheadings, rapes and shootings in the tourist areas of Acapulco and the Yucatan. The media made Mexico out to be a bloody Disney World. I was intrigued.



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