The word from Adelaide.

Cyra of Gastronomic Nomad fame says hello now she is back home!

“The first Sunday back in Australia we go down to Adelaide’s Rundle Street Mall. We walk hand in hand, down the busy pedestrian street, just like many other couples doing the same thing. We are dressed casually, me in jeans, t-shirt and sandals. But we don’t look out of place.”

Since then:

“several nights out with friends in bars and restaurants around both Adelaide and Sydney. At first, paying $7 for a glass of cider or beer felt like daylight robbery. But I got used to it.”

Dining on the Indian Pacific Train

So what might she recommend for the better heeled traveler? Forget the Orient Express, Cyra says take the train down under.

“Never in my history of train traveling have I had quite the gastronomic experience like I did in Australia, traveling between Sydney and Adelaide on the Indian Pacific train.”

Whether or not she is a railway buff I don’t know but she knows her food, and her post is about dining in style (well it would be) at 85 km per hour. Although less specific Craig Hickson mentions the same railway this month on his blog, but for him it is about Cricket and some comments about what you might do if following the 2015 ICC schedule.

Coming back to Cyra in another post in December (yes about food again) I think it would be fair to say she suggests you get down to Adelaide Central Market

“well and truly the heart of the supply chain between producer and consumer”

“the Central Market is not just selling some fresh fruit and vegetables” …she continues… “the market sells fresh produce from regions all around Adelaide, making use of the best produce that the various regions have to offer and bringing it all together under one roof. As well as traditional market stalls, there are also cafés and eateries within the market’s four walls.”

Adelaide Central Market Tour


In December Lakshmi Sharath was reminiscing about her trip to Australia earlier in the year and she also mentioned Adelaide.

“The best part of the trip for Lakshmi was a 48 hour drive from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Limestone Coast and then driving along the Great Ocean Drive”

Great Ocean Road

On the Great Ocean Road @ Lakshmi Sharath

As to what to do while your there, Greg Snell writing in the Looptail suggests some of the best in South Australia, an epic place place that visitors will remember forever.

Mountain biking, Mt Lofty, Adelaide Hills. Photo courtesy Greg Snell.

Mountain biking, Mt Lofty, Adelaide Hills. Photo courtesy Greg Snell.

He says Cleland Wildlife Park, Adelaide Hills shouldn’t be missed its not far from Adelaide, and it is the best place to get up close and personal with a koala. But for the more active traveler there is great Mountain biking, to be had on Mt Lofty, also in the Adelaide Hills. Its a half-day tour from central Adelaide. You’ll get dropped off at 700m and have a 28km single run back down to the bottom. He says you should hire a guide who knows where they’re going, but it is an incredible rush.

So with food and a bit of activity out of the way,   has been a having a word about his Top Secret Birding spot “somewhere in the Adelaide Hills”, its not a particularly helpful piece to the traveler but it might give a little idea of whats in store for bird lovers near to Adelaide.

From TOP Left: Galah, Welcome Swallow, Nankeen Night Heron, and BOTTOM: Spot the Black-fronted Dotterel! @ Red Nomad Oz

Finally Greg Snell who we mentioned earlier is also responsible for this appetizer for the Adelaide region which was uploaded onto Youtube:

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