For spewing, burping, the pox, and sacrifice visit the very traditional San Juan Chamula

Editors Note: Traditions from around the world have infinite variety and are often likely to bring a smile or a frown to the faces of those from foreign shores. You read the title correctly traditions in San Juan Chamula do indeed include spewing, burping and sacrifice. The pox is a drink as I am sure you knew, but what might surprise you is to find that these traditions are played out inside a church!

Andy Seabrook.

San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, is a very famous Tzotzil indigenous town just 30 minutes or so outside of San Cristobal de Las Casas in the highlands of southern Mexico. Visitors come here on a daily basis from San Cristobal for one main reason…to witness the otherworldly and fascinating goings-on that occur in the town Church.

Chamula, Chiapas | One Strange Little Town and Its Very Famous Church…Photo credit: Discovering Ice

You may have seen many churches in Latin America before, and realized that they are all quite similar, so we were fascinated as to why so many other travellers we met, were raving about a tiny little church, in a tiny little village, hundreds of miles away from where we were.

Well, now we are the ones who tell everyone about it. It really was like nothing we had ever seen before and, if you can believe it, we spent almost 5 hours in this church, just watching and quietly observing the strange customs being performed around us.

Chamula market and the famous church in the background…Photo credit: Discovering Ice



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