Footloose in South America

A few interesting stories surfaced this week, from people on their feet, or the road, somewhere in South America.

As adventure goes you can’t get much better than taking a two-year lap of South America in a Land Rover Defender; this is exactly the dream that Graeme Bell, his wife Luisa, and their two kids have been living. Christophe Noel talks to them in the Expedition Portal about their story and it makes a great read, the images are amazing, and the adventure is awe inspiring.

bell family overlander

The impact on their family certainly will be profound. Some might doubt that the children will benefit from the experience, but I think this depends on the commitment of Graeme and Luisa – read for yourself.

Dustin Corkery and Adrian Traquair’s are another couple of nomads on a serious search for adventure. In 2008 they set off with 2 cameras, a solar panel and a tent, to row Ganges from New Delhi to Dhaka. A trip of over 2500 Km in an inflatable raft.

Now they are at it again but this time on a proper journey and with proper transport: over 10,000kms, the length of South America on a 198cc 3-wheeled Auto Rickshaw.

auto rickshaw

They have reached Bolivia – half way. It’s an awesome adventure, fun, and exciting. I am sure I won’t be the only jealous guy tuning in to their exploits. If you want to check out what they are up to Facebook is the place.

New Rickshaw South TeaserCheck out our new Teaser Trailer for Rickshaw South! Driving the length of South America in a TukTuk. Its been 4 months, 9000kms and 4 countries. We are over half way done and are really excited to share this with you!

Posted by Around the Next Bend on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Lastly Nomadic Samuel needs no introduction, to travel blog readers. Sam and Audrey have been in South America for about a month, in this post they had reached Machu Picchu via the Inca Trail. The video accompanying the article might surprise you a bit as the visibility is pretty low to start with, thanks to a downpour, but stick with it, it comes good in the end.

The video isn’t a one off – and if you are more of a video person than a reader, jump to their Youtube videos page. You will find their recent adventure has given us videos from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina all worth a watch.

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