Flashpacking road trip to Rajasthan – Agra

Editor’s note: Craig and John are soon to set off to Agra, but with the addition of a car and driver. Their road trip starts in New Delhi but it is not long before the journey develops a mind of its own, indeed with a mighty thud
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Rajasthan Car and Driver – Agra
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This is the first post in a series, sharing our experience of what is it like to hire a Rajasthan car and driver to get you around the most regal of Indian states. The start of our driving journey takes us to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.

We arrived in New Delhi at 06:50 hrs on the sleeper train from Lucknow. The driver who we’d spent time selecting on our previous visit to Delhi was, as promised, waiting for us on the enormous platform.

He offered to take us to his home for some breakfast before departing to Agra. His house, which had been given to him by his grandfather, was located a few minutes from the station and was in an excellent location. He’d been living here for 8 months while renovating the old building. Each floor contained a small living/sleeping room and either bathroom or kitchen to the side.

The house was shared with Chander’s family of four children, and his brother and his wife. We sat on the floor and shared some ghee paratha, spicy veg and masala tea with all the family. The children were preparing for school as the wives prepared breakfast together kneading and shaping the bread before cooking it on the one ring gas burner which served as the family kitchen until renovations were complete.

Rajasthan Car and Driver Itinerary: New Dehli to Agra

On leaving Dehli we opted to take the new expressway, as the fog was thick and there wasn’t much to be seen from the window. The expressway takes about 2-3 hours, as opposed to 6 hours taking the old road to Agra. After 10 minutes hurtling down the outside lane in our Ambassador car, there was a mighty thud and the bonnet crashed into the windscreen. Our driver skilfully and calmly manoeuvred the car into the slip lane using his side mirrors. We were lucky that the windscreen didn’t smash completely. The front hinge on the car had completely broken in two.



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