Fire and Rain over the Grand Canyon

By debndave


Rain and The Grand Canyon

Seeing the Grand Canyon was a dream come true, but we only had one day at this iconic U.S. Landscape and we wanted to make sure that we had a beautiful shot to remember it by. We spent the morning of our arrival driving up and down the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to plan our photos for sunset. Not finding what we wanted, we hopped on the shuttle to take us out to another part of the park where vehicles aren’t allowed. After staking out a few different vantage points, we decided on Mojave Point for our final shots of the day and that is when a storm started to roll in. Sure it was disheartening to know that our one chance of seeing the Grand Canyon ended with rain, but it also ended up turning out to be a beautiful sunset.


Dave loved the look of the rain so much that he zoomed in for a closer view. Using his 70-200 zoom lens, he focused in on this portion of the canyon being pummelled with rain. Landscape photography doesn’t always have to be shot on a wide angle lens. Thinking outside the box allowed him to capture a unique perspective of the Grand Canyon.

While others gave up and hopped on the bus back to the main lodge, he waited for the perfect light at magic hour. As the sun sank below the landscape, it lit up the dark clouds above backlighting the lines of rain in its rays.

So if you find yourself at a famous landmark and it just so happens to be raining outside, don’t worry about your missed opportunity, instead look for a new perspective and your own opportunity to capture something that is unique. We’ve all seen the …continue reading…

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