How Mexico City Proved Me Wrong

By debndave Jewelry hawkers tried to drape silver necklaces on my mother. They pushed overpriced woven blankets and fake Mayan replicas on my grandmother. I played with other sunburned American kids in the blue water. It stung my eyes so hard I cried.When I was four years old my family Read more →

For spewing, burping, the pox, and sacrifice visit the very traditional San Juan Chamula

Traditions from around the world have infinite variety and are often likely to bring a smile or a frown to the faces of those from foreign shores. You read the title correctly traditions in San Juan Chamula do indeed include spewing, burping and sacrifice. The pox is a drink as I am sure you knew, but what might surprise you is to find that these traditions are played out inside a church! Read more →

Tulum – virgin tourist destination or thumping tourist spot?

If you are aiming to visit a less well documented location in a lonely planet guide in the middle of the wilderness it’s possible that you will be only one of a handful of foreigners that have passed through that week, but you don’t have to have been following an independent travel path for very long before you realise that guidebooks take you to tourist spots, and the inevitable reams of tourists. Stephanie Walsh gives you her thoughts on the matter in the context of her exploration of Tulum, Mexico Read more →

The Cenotes of Yucatan

The Cenotes of Yucatan were used by the ancient Mayan’s for freshwater and sacrifice they believed they were portals to the afterlife, as evidenced by the human remains and gold offerings. Steph and Andres would soon be exploring this for themselves not so many weeks after seeing them on TV’s Planet Earth series. Read more →