Could it be time for Peru?

With its mineral reserves, oil, and gas, bountiful fish resources, and rich agriculture, there should be plenty of wealth to share. Yet over half of Peru’s population earns less than two dollars a day. Antonio Raimondi famously remarked, Peru is like a beggar seated on a bench of gold. The country has some of the highest levels of poverty of any Latin American country. Over half of the people live in poverty. Nearly half of those live in extreme poverty. Many of the people are unable to buy even the most essential food items. There is high infant mortality, high illiteracy rates, and low life expectancy.

Unemployment is certainly a player, but “under-employment’ is also an issue. In Lima, people from these two social groups make up 60 per cent of the workforce. Under-employment means the the self-employed, and those who work in informal firms without legal protection or other benefits. In order to survive, few can afford to be unemployed for long.

Nonetheless there is no denying irrespective of the social divide and the desperation of many, tourism is a healthy opportunity that ordinary folk can strive to harness in their own small way.

The Best Travel Video Guides are reposible for the video. In the text accompanying it they suggest that for Peruvians, although I am sure for travellers alike, the main question is what to eat? Well this video isn’t really going to answer any questions on that front, but it is a very fast introduction to what you might expect in the country and definitely worth a watch.

Tourism is the third largest industry in Peru, and the fastest growing, not surprising perhaps if you consider that the satisfaction rate of tourists has been expressed as great as 94%. The video hopefully may whet your appetite, for a country where there is something for everyone. It has including a huge potential for adventure travel, laced with archeology and culture.

So if the food is good as well, it gets my vote, perhaps it really is time for Peru.


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