Cappadocia, Turkey – Escher at his best

By debndave

Goreme, Cappadocias

Cappadocia Turkey – Escher at his best!

Escher in Goreme, Turkey

My husband decided that he wanted to see a total eclipse of the sun, as you do. So, he rang me at 7 in the morning and told me, to ‘make it happen’. I went to work, took a quick look at the info on the computer and when he rang me between classes, I said Turkey, March 2006. He only gets away with telling me what to do if I see some benefit!

And that is how we ended up in Turkey. The eclipse is another story completely, and a good one, but as you don’t fly all the way from Australia for just a ‘moment’ – though an ethereally, mind blowing one at that, we decided to have a month over there.

I have this desire to stay in unique areas and to choose unique accommodation that befits the area. Hence we arrived in Cappadocia, in the centre of Turkey. The town we actually stayed in is called Goreme and is the epicentre of what are known as the ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations. These were formed purely from erosion. It is here that caves naturally developed and where the people chose to live, and many of the 2,500 people who live in Goreme still do. As the temperature here is very hot in the summer and very (read very) cold in the winter the caves provided a natural insulation.

Our initial impression of Goreme was like arriving on a film set or a futuristic Escher masterpiece. Absolutely out of my realm of experience, a total OMG moment, again and again.

Living as troglodytes

The accommodation I had organised was naturally a cave house. Well you know the saying, when in Rome. So when in Goreme, a cave …continue reading…

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