Big Dual – Kiev 2012

I can”t claim to have done any real MTB stuff but that doesn’t mean I cant appreciate the skill that is required for taking part in major Mountain Biking competitive events. This primarily comes from childhood memories and more recent off-road touring, although in a very limited capacity.


These events are greatly inspirational, exciting to watch and really great fun. In fact I could see myself getting into it after watching this. Although my first thoughts on watching some other MTB videos on the Red Bull site would lead me to say that in some respects this is quite a tame course, but then again you have two people racing side by side which demands a different type of track design, and the australian casinos more extreme solo courses just couldn’t accommodate such a scenario. I am not so sure I would fancy some of the more serious solo courses mind you.


The Big Dual event attracted the best riders Ukraine has in the sport on 3rd and 4th November. 32 competitors run off in pairs in a straight knockout competition, as they raced from the woodland surrounding Kiev to the city below. A downhill course through Kiev’s main central park. The 1100 meters track consisted of more than 350 stairs, narrow pave-stone streets and challenging obstacles – wall rides, kickers, and drops.


Once in the city the riders were on the home straight heading down towards the finish on the Black Sea.

The final was between current Ukrainian MTB champion 18-year old Egor Primachek and Valentin Popov and the latter won the day.


Big Duel, hasn’t been so frequent and not run since Yalta in 2010. Lets hope they are doing it again soon.

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