Red Bull King of the Air

The History of Red Bull King of the Air by Red Bull ZA Team 1999: The first Red Bull King of the Air is airborne at Ho‘okipa Beach. Ho‘okipa Beach Park is located on the north shore of Maui in Hawaii, USA and is perhaps the most renowned windsurfing site Read more →

Get to know Bruna Kajiya

Champion kiteboarder Bruna Kajiya spends her life mainly on the road. Not surprisingly she misses hometown Ilhabela in Brazil. But it has paid off for her, with an impressive array of championship titles to her name; 5X Brazilian Champion 2009 World Champion 2010 Vice World Champion 2010 Triple S overall Read more →

Shark Fin Soup Anyone?

This article is the first of a series of articles that looks briefly at one aspect of the host of threats facing our world and the attempts of conservationists to hold back disaster. In this case its shark-finning, a huge industry providing for the avaricious vanity of human beings. Ecotourism Read more →