5 Terrible Reasons to Travel the United States

By Steph

As a travel writer I receive dozens of press releases in my inbox each day. They are mostly pretty useless stuff like “Labor Day Travel Tips” or “New Hotel Opening in Santa Monica.” I would say I probably delete 95% of them without even opening them, which is why I feel lucky that his one actually caught my eye:

“5 Reasons Why It’s Best to Keep Your Travels within U.S. Borders”

And by lucky I mean lucky I didn’t go blind from rolling my eyes so violently.

The ensuing article quoted extensively from a blogger named Alissa Abecassis who runs a blog called Explore All 50. I don’t know Alissa, and I feel a little bit bad calling her out so vehemently on my website, but she is the one who hired a PR firm to distribute her article so hopefully she won’t mind too much.

The article is a response to the recent travel warning from the Obama Administration, that were severe enough to freak my own mother out and probably a good deal of other people too. Instead of exploring the nuances of these warnings, or what they actually mean for travelers abroad, this article appears to take advantage of public unease to encourage travelers to stay away from the big scary world. A world which, having traveled extensively, I take offense for.

So without ado, here are the 5 reasons you should stick to travel in the US (with a few annotations by me).

1. Safety:

At the risk of sounding paranoid: Travel to Mexico and you run the risk of being kidnapped and held for ransom by a drug cartel. Travel to China and you run the risk of getting severe food poisoning. “And Europe? – Too many terrorist threats for my taste – train …continue reading…

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