Jeju City’s Red Elephants, Black Pigs, Sea Urchin Soup and MasterChef.

South Korea has to be worth going to for the food alone. I never made it to Jeju Island on my last trip there but these recent posts on Google caught my eye, and I thought they might give you some ideas should you find yourself in Jeju City or elsewhere on the island. Read more →

Life is for the living!


“30 seconds have changed my life”

Mountaineering really does have its ups, but the downs can hold life and death in the balance and the guys at Antropovision certainly have gained a perspective on this having come through one of those negatives. This video tells of how one man’s close encounter with death has altered his relationship with the mountain but not dimmed is love for it.

Myanmar: Twante village visit

On Saturday, 19 July, the Myanmar people commemorated Martyrs’ Day, the day General Aung San and other ministers were assassinated. This happened in 1947, the year Burma gained independence from Britain, a process in which the General was deeply involved. His daughter, Aung San Suu Kyi, was 2 years old Read more →

2014 National Geographic Traveller Photography competition

The seven finalists of the 2014 National Geographic Traveller Photography competition have been announced. So if your into photography with a travel or geographical perspective keep abreast of the Telegraph site which doubtless will have the results soon after the event at at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show Read more →